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Although I do not know, but I realized that maybe something happened and closed the door on the latch, walked back into the shower. Suddenly, before his eyes flashed a lantern and lit me. I was scared and could not budge. I was naked and did not know who caught me. One would have to run, but his legs would not obey.

- What scared – I heard a familiar voice Ivan Stepanych.
He worked with us in the shop as a janitor, even though he was already retired and after the change came, cleaned debris and restore order.
How I forgot about it – I thought.

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Now he tells all, as I caught naked in the shop. Thoughts in my head spun, replacing one another and all the more scary and threatening to expose and ridicule me.
- Well, why are you silent, swallowed language – again asked me Ivan Stepanovich.
- No, barely audible otvetilya.
- And that then roamed naked here?

- Water does not run and there is no light – I mumbled again.
- It often happens, the accident, the repair. So you have to wait until morning – he explained.
- But how can I go home? – I asked, still standing in the middle aisle and motionless.
- And what you then hurry home, or family – his wife, children?

- No, I live in a hostel – I explained.
- Well ladnenko tomorrow still at work, and here take a nap on the couch – said Ivan Stepanovich and pointed toward the recreation area.
- I’m dirty, messing it – I replied.
- And you won rags distribute and order.
Nothing to do but I nodded and agreed.
- Well then, let’s go have a cup of tea – he invited me.

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