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- What damn, I thought hide from us?
I was shaking with fear.
- Do not need to please do not hurt me. – Gera hand hit me on the cheek.

- Answer the question suchara. Hiding from us.
- No. – With tears in my eyes I said shakily.
- Then come with us.
I was like prostrate, went after them as if under hypnosis, not really noticing everything around. His head rested idea – it’s all a dream, it’s not with me.
In itself came when we were in a filthy den, master which Hera drove off for a walk.

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He kicked me in the ass:
- Juli hung, gladden the beauty of its boys – and he guffawed loudly.
- Undress Shmarov – also kicked me in the ass, he shouted at me Squint.
Trembling hands I began to take off her clothes. They sat around me and calling them last words were watching me. I stripped down to her underwear stopped.
- Next shoot everything – ordered me to Hera.

I took only a bra. Stuttering said:
- Next I can not have my period.
- To me, show pussy – Hera growled. I approached him, he pulled the panty elastic, saw gasket pushed her and seeing spots, not quite let go of the panty elastic that hurt slapped me in the stomach.

From which all neighing.
- Well, – said Gera. – Suck not forgotten how? – He asked. I blushed. He slapped his hand on my cheek:
- Answer Bitch, when a kid asks you. Waffle cheek has not forgotten how to take.
Fearing a beating, I whispered:
- Yes …

- Che yes? Suck dick you?
- Yes I will suck you in terms – with tears in his eyes I whispered.
Hera was not getting off the couch removed his pants with shorts, and again saw his penis, it seemed to me that from the time he became more.

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