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After fifteen minutes I received a reply:
“You did a very nasty, you should be ashamed! It would be necessary to report to you .. ”
“Do not! It’s in the last year has been! ”
“I’m sure you’re all well studied for five years”
“I would like to recognize all of this professor, and you talked it over to the police.

Get there a couple of times a club, and you give them all laid out as pretty! ”
“Do not bludgeon!!”
“Then he go and confess everything! Then I did not report to the authorities .. ”
“I do not want! Let’s find out if, then learn .. and so I will not! ”

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You do not deserve to have a diploma MSU. This diploma of the best universities of the country, of which only dream destinations. Many girls just give guys only that they have a diploma. You just do not deserve this!

So now you go, write a statement which to confess everything and hand over the diploma)) ”
“And education? 5 years in the blank? ”
“I do not care. Go to any vocational school and get a trade. I will not mind, if you entered the school.

I promise you that if you entered the school, and there you normally learn, then there nobody knows about your act)) In the meantime, write a statement! ”
“Well, just! I am such and such ask to cancel my graduate degree at number *** in connection with the fact that I got it fraudulently, and so on .. ”
Finally, the funniest answer was almost the last. It wrote 26-year-old brunette.

Unfortunately, she did not have a single photo, which would have a naked leg. Virtually all photos she was in long dresses and closed shoes. Sex chat free not registered.

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