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- Sultan wants a relaxing massage! – She said instead of me suddenly, imitating the male voice
- Of course, I wish! – I agreed
- Dancer will do as he wants Sultan! – She said this time velvet sweetly and bowed to me
Gently she tucked me on my back and started massaging my chest, stomach, legs …

Slightly, as if by accident, she touched my dick, which had not yet departed from the previous one.
Sultan should completely relax – again melodiously she prompted me.
Sultan relaxed any longer. I broke wide open legs, head resting on the pillow, his hands lying on the sides.
Ira covered my eyes with his hand, giving a silent order. I obeyed, his eyes closed.

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She stroked me some more hands, and then, as I felt, too, climbed onto the bed. What was she doing there, I do not know, but in the end it began to drive me to stroke her breasts near term. Opening my eyes, I saw Ira slightly behind as she moved back and forth, touching the nipples for a member. The reaction was not long in coming.

Cock began to engorge, I felt light while painful, because I have twice before finished. Not paying attention to it, I became the right hand gently stroking Irishkinu ass. Ira liked it, she moved her ass closer, still move smoothly. Back and forth, left and right. As in a dream, in a very pleasant dream.
My hand stroked her ass, slowly slid down, covering the labia and vagina slightly ajar.

Middle finger, I began to move up and down there, what Ira buckle with pleasure. She scooted closer, then closer still. Sex chat random.

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