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- But George .. Simon .. Are you a little? – She whimpered, – you already made from his mother’s real whore, a slave of his carnal pleasures .. Road you honor your mother? But something you forgot about my honor tonight .. Simon, come to your senses, you want to take me as the latest indecent girl!

And where have you seen that lady gave herself to two men at once? Oh, no .. I did so and in your power .. Take me on – line, I have for more and do not ask!
- Hush, Mama, – George tenderly consoled her. And Simon also all relentlessly tormented her ass with his fingers.

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- I promise, in the morning you will see the most respectful and the most loyal and loving your sons, my mother .. – whispered George – no, Mom, I ask you to leave these terrible words. You are not a slut – this is our night you concubine .. I ask you to deal with it ..
- Yes, Mom, You are our concubine .. And my mom, believe me, my experience – chuckled Simon – not every whore, even for a very large amount of money, agree to such .. – And he slapped his hand on the weighty her buttock.

- Simon – abruptly pulled his George – do not say it like that .. Mom, I ask you to kiss me ..
Miss Uolsori swam before his eyes, as if in a fog.
Concubine ..
She languidly kissed George, when I felt like Simon pointed it at her anus your love gun.
She looked up from the lips of George and looked into his eyes, breathing heavily.

- Concubine .. So now you need not caring and loving mother, a concubine for dirty carnal pleasures in your bed?
- Yes, Mom, we’re adults boys .. – for George Simon said .. – and we need from you is another concern and another weasel .. Sex video chat site.

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