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Most of the night after the episode in the attic Jill and Tony spent having sex, and woke up, she discovered that he fondles her pussy licking clit and fucking her wet slit with two fingers.
- Oh, baby – she purred with a smile. – Mmmm, lick mother’s cunt.
Tony grinned as wide as it was at all possible. After all his protests, his mother wanted to have sex with him as much as he did.

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He could not believe the change occurred to her, but her mind was not going to.
- It seems … It seems my lye is ready. – Jill said.
- Ready for what, Mom? – He asked, raising her eyes, though all he could see were her huge buffer.
- Ready to take a huge dick my son. – Jill giggled.

Propping, Tony climbed on her, her big tits flattened under his weight. They kissed passionately, and Jill felt his prick touched her flowing juice commands.
- Do you like the taste of your pussy? – He asked.
- I love it. – Jill said. – On your lips, on your fingers, but most of all – on your dick.
She reached out and grasped his protruding end, introduced him to her pussy:
- Ohhh, shit …

How good …
- Do you like pussy licking another woman? – Tony asked.
Jill looked at him in surprise, but the idea of a strange way she liked.
- I never did shit … I love your dick … fuck me baby. – She gasped.

And would like to try? – Tony asked, plunging cock deep into her pussy, fucking her long, slow strokes. Video chat free.

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