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Having said that, I am ashamed even covered her face with her hands. And Pasha stopped trying to take off my shorts and took my hands and cut them out of my face said
- Sveta! Sweetheart you are my girl! It’s so cool!

I love the smell of dirty panties and recording in such beautiful girls like you! Beg you not to be shy, just relax and everything.
And I gave up.

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I still felt ashamed, but I did not disturb him more when my shorts crept to the bottom. And when removing them from me, he spread my legs and literally burying her face in my panties began to sniff them. Sniffing them for about a minute, he resolutely took them with me, and again apart as much as possible my legs pressed his lips to my pussy.

He began to lick me, getting his tongue between my lips and even right into my hole. At first I was a bit ticklish, and I was constantly twitching, but then I felt the intense pleasure. It’s impossible to describe how much I was pleased. I forgot about everything, about the fact that I’m ashamed of and what I’m doing something forbidden and shameful.

I gave herself up to this magical pleasure.
Did not notice how I became myself succumb to meet him, as closely as possible trying to cuddle up to his lips and his magical language. I could not keep the moans, I wanted it to last forever.

And the strongest orgasm, literally shocked me! I could not keep shouting, twitched convulsively all and literally grabbed his hands behind his head Pasha. Later on I even vidimmu on what that moment lost consciousness and when he woke up I immediately saw as looks at me smiling Pasha, who told me Videyo sxs.

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