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Webcam video call and chat live. And she found him affectionate look, a little girl jumped and laughed loudly. So at this point it suddenly became well and thank him, came from the depths of my soul was like a gift in a big box with a favorite doll Barbie , she gently pressed into his hand and touched her head against his shoulder.
- Ksenia, and you’re far are you going?

- In Podolsk, I live there.
- A study in Tula Pedagogical and finish this year.
Leading intimate conversation, they went diagonally across the wooded area to shorten the path.
- Oho-ho, a ditch, and even water.
- Volodya, I can not jump – sad tone said Xenia.
- Nothing, I bear you in my arms, – said Vladimir manly.

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He took her in his arms, ran up and jumped over the ditch …
Falling on the other side in the grass, they laughed in unison. Blue sky overhead, the water clear lake smacked freshness.

Chirping crickets, a light summer breeze scratching his hair, was extremely pleased to wallow in the blooming grass, knowing that you have someone interesting. Ksenia was lying on his back with his eyes closed, his head in his hands folded at the elbows, munching grass stalk. Volodya looked at her lying on her side.

- What’s her beautiful breasts and all she is chiseled like a chess queen – Volodya thought in the good sense of the good ideas of visual perception.
- Cool girl – as it is easy and simple.
- And just like always, as soon will be going to make a responsible step in life, be sure someone is good or something good come across on my way, which does not want to, but have to leave.

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