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I took off my trunks and gave them to him. We swam to the buoy and hung on it. Sasha hitched my swimming trunks to buoy and we went to the next buoy.

There Sasha looked at me and said, “And now I masturbate.”
I felt Sasha’s dick under the water and began his little podrachivat from which he acquired an efficient form very quickly.
“Hold both hands displacer” – Sasha ordered and I obeyed. Sasha immediately hung on behind me and I felt his cock poked at my ass.

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Seen water is a good lubricant because Sasha’s head member
came into my anus, and then slipped back member or the whole or half, I do not presume to determine. At first I pierced a sharp pain in the ass but Sasha stopped the pain was gone.
“Hold on tight for the displacer” – and said Sasha just took me up by the shoulders and started jumping.

His cock seemed to be tearing me to pieces, but it passed quickly. Sasha drives the cock in my ass, saying:
“Good slut, boy, do you like it …”
Sasha suddenly stopped, and the flow of his sperm filled my ass. Sasha let his hands and slid down. But it is not a member of the left quickly out of my ass, and smoothly a millimeter left her. I took melting and we returned to shore.

“You have been de? I was looking for you!” – Said Slavik, met us at the water’s edge.
“Oh, then tell you.” – Sasha said.
After the beach we went to the shower. We washed, when I leaned over the fallen soap and flowed out of my ass sperm.

Slavik, who was standing nearby, noticed it and told me: “I see where you were …” 123 free cam chat.

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