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Only returning to his seat to Gali realized that meant older sister, saying: Just finish … And a little nervous voice Galya said:
- Please wait, Elena free and will soon come.
Elena appeared in seven minutes in a dressing gown with two lower buttons unbuttoned.

Sat down on the table. Unbuttoned robe of white skin seemed to strip over black stockings and white-gum pink garters. Before he started to speak, she threw Gale:
- Come to the observation.

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Galya stood up and went into the office. Upon entering, she saw Vadim Nikolaevich in trousers and coat, standing at the window with his back to her. He turned and the first thing that caught my eye Gale is swollen bottom robe Vadim.

- You know, dear – once said softly Vadim – in ancient Persia, a messenger who brought bad news were killed, but we thank God we did not Persia and some are not animals, but Lena is finished, but I do not know myself in this form, I run because I can not.
- And I’m here and I can do – Galya said puzzled.
- Nothing special – said Vadim and embracing Galya waist, gently pushed her to the couch.

He found himself back here and Galya felt as he pressed against her back with his whole body and his hand on his thigh, lifted the hem of her robe together with the combination. Hand crawled to the place where the stocking ended and moved slightly forward on the clasp suspenders and crept down the gum to cowards.
- Better, – said Vadim – but yet you not dressed in form.

But this is what we are now recovered. And then Galya felt his hand and the second from the other side lifted her skirt of his robe with a combination to the waist. Broadcast sex chat.

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