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Chat znakomstva s web kameroi. Then I remembered the nettle leaves, which rammed into me this sadist. I looked at her pussy, which was a pitiful sight – external and internal sex lips were red and swollen, as if bitten by wasps. When this was combined with a terrible pain itching.

Cautiously entering the vagina two fingers, I grabbed them as I could, nettle and pulled out.
- Yes, really …. – with sadness and despair, I said, looking at a couple of leaves.
It is not clear how much crammed into this leaves me a pervert. But I just do not fetch them.

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On good, just typing the whole hand could pull nettles, and not all at once. Pisechka but mine was so exhausted that I could not imagine how to do it.
Rapidly getting dark, and I decided to go to the road until it was clear to advance. Branches, pine cones and tree roots are smarting hurt bare feet. It was very chilly – heavy, humid air unpleasant caressed her naked body with every gust of wind.

Feels like it was degrees 6 – 8 heat.
Soon I finally froze. Affected long day without food or water, fatigue, despair … I wandered toward the road, hoping to get out on what or footpath.
Soon I did it – I got on the trail, on which lay the winter ski trail and where the lessons on fizre.

That horizontal bar with bars on the right! Similarly, this path leads into the city, past the forester’s house.
The closer I came to the road leading to the town, the more force bore down on me despair – how can I get to his house in the city? After all, I’m totally naked!

At some point, I felt complete futility of his position and my legs buckled. Chat znakomstva s web kameroi.

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