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- Okay, everybody! Call Shurik I miksychu.
I clicked on the red telefonchik on a mobile phone and dialed his old friend on the PMS.
- Mix, hello.
- Gifts.
- Want to earn some money?

- Ohm-m, flabbergasted! And what to do and what is the price issue?
So we gathered four of us and with mathematical precision painted our first task, which must be uniform without bends and intersections, and so well thought out, so that in the future it could simply broadcast to all other objects of common tasks.
What we just did not do during that month.

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Spilled coffee and pour demanded another without paying, paying homeless who came and refused to leave the institution in conflict with each other on all institution came from sitting all day playing cards, without ordering anything, but if you ordered then later said, there is no money, passport and will not give, and that they have no rights and stuff like that. Every week, gave a report on its activities to the customer.

When we presented the report for the first time, I was very nervous, because all the actions that we made were made “from the ceiling” for an hour before the campaign, and we could receive questions why we did this or that action, and the other did not .
Finally, we completed the task and received the remaining nine thousand. We thanked her and said we coped well, although from us per kilometer smelled amateurish and we are still poorly understood what professional provocateurs.

But we disassemble a hundred thousand, the rest will go for further advertising. Chatsex lvideo room live.

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