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- Let’s whore, suck – Givi sat on the pillow, and I planted my mouth Lena your comments.
My wife started to resist, because did not want to deeply, but he gave her a strong slap and I saw all of his tool disappeared into my wife’s mouth. She stopped.
- Suck it, otherwise get another – calmly said Givi. The woman obeyed and slowly began to go.

She was a master of the blow job, but this instrument had to get used to, and gradually she moved faster and faster. Behind it was evident that she had already begun to flow, because even panties were wet and glistening already secretions inner thighs.
Meanwhile undressed Arthur and his cock, which was no less than his friend, pushing aside panties, stroke drove into a fiery hole of my wife.

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From such a course my wife moaned. And Arthur did not move, but only pressed closer against my wife’s ass. My wife, two guns mounted on the shaft, and to the limit already cocked itself began to move backwards, and after a few seconds her body began to quiver and beat if her mouth was not a member of Givi, it probably would have cried.
A few seconds later my Lena roughly finished.

Arthur himself took up my wife’s buttocks and began to fuck her violently, causing the chest and buttocks simultaneously shuddered and my Lena at this time sucking cock Givi that was not going to finish.
This orgy continued for another ten or fifteen minutes.
- Givi blimey poebi this whore, she let me suck.

Givi again took my hair and Lena took her with his penis, and he came from behind and drove his cock in my wife’s pussy, Arthur too long without delay Givi sat down and planted already fucked my wife’s mouth on his penis. Chatting sex.

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