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Masha came from basin. Despite there seems to be a complete devastation, before lunch we otzharili Masha still on time, sober, though, even after such a sweet night her now pougovarivat had about an hour to take up again the world love.
About two o’clock in the afternoon to our coupe addicted woman 60 years. We could only sneak pinch Masha’s ass.

After the first sleepless night in the train, we went to sleep at 11 o’clock the night. Masha and the woman lying on the lower shelves, I’m over Masha. In Krasnodar train came at 6 am. I woke up at night (do not know how much) from what Igor Petrovich tried to draw the curtains on the window, he did not succeed, it twisted.

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By itself on the top of it is not useful, and sat down to Masha – it interested me.
After some time, from the bottom was heard scuffling characteristic, audible, despite the sound of wheels. Look down at their shelf is not very convenient, had to hang his head.

However, I clearly noticed a neighbor Masha did not sleep. And at the bottom, flashing lights flying towards the train, Igor Petrovich grilled my Masha laying on her. Sheet (apparently they were covered by it in the beginning, got off to feet. Flashed gripped my wife fucker Mashkin feet and flew back Igor Petrovich. Masha kept moaning, heard the sound of kissing passionately.

Through time ryknuv Igor Petrovich, still. Lain down on Masha he stood, pulled his pants and walked out into the hallway. Masha Cover with a sheet.

I slid under her sheets, her left only to the top batten down blouse, they took the rest. Chubby sex chat no sign up.

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