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Even infinite patience and gentleness natural Miss Uolsori already come to an end.

Such humiliation should not tolerate any woman in this world. But suddenly a terrible idea dawned her head from which she nearly fainted .. Yes, it was not a love muscle Simon and fingers .. Yes, yet it was his fingers .. But fingers prepared trail there, where should rather should strive and masculinity of their owner.
This idea was incredible in its savagery and horror.

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And at first glance, Miss Uolsori could not believe it. Frankly, she had heard about something like that sordid and licentious louts get up with the girls in filthy brothels. But I must say, she then was unable to comprehend and believe in like ..

She wanted to give a start, but George held her ..
- Simon .. – Jena prayed beside himself., – What are you doing? No, it is not necessary ..
- Quiet, Mommy, do not be afraid – George tenderly stroked her hair with one hand – Simon does not do anything bad to you .. We love you mom ..
She felt his lips on her shoulder Simon.

- Mom, you like – he said the most gentle voice – I just want to play a little with your ass.
George kissed her on the forehead.
- You are so passionate about each other, my mother – an unctuous voice added Simon – I just languishing on the desire to join your idyll, mama .. Dear brother, you do not mind?
George smiled purest and most radiant smile has ever seen Jen on his forehead.

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