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Free local sex cam chat. A moment later, they were left on which lay a blanket and beating the house knocking on my door. Getting to the door, I tried to think of what I could do to not notice the girls like me worth. And as the day was very hot, apart from light cotton shorts for me there was nothing …

And then I decided: “And what, in fact, the hell?”. And opened the door, letting out inside.
- Hi, I – Connie – she said that in the above. And this is – Laura.
Connie was higher girlfriends centimeters to two or three, and her blond hair was a darker shade than the mane of Laura.
Laura nodded and went inside Connie, a glance at the big bed in the bedroom. Connie has blossomed into a smile.

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While all went well, the girls did not notice the bulge the size of a large cucumber spreredi my shorts …
But then Connie blurted out: “You seem to have a problem … There, under these old shorts …”.
- What do you mean? – I asked, trying to hide his embarrassment.

Laura giggled. Sit down while I prepare soda! – Finally, I managed to slip away to the kitchen. And how much are they, by the way, years? Maybe they have something to drink and you can not?
- Girls, beer and you give something dangerous? How old are you, in general, years? – That I yell from the kitchen.
- I – 20 – is Connie.

And Laura – 19. What, are you going to hide from us this valuable product? Among other things, he called out – we did not jammed!

At this time I’m standing in the kitchen trying to attach the shorts so that they did not have a particularly prominent tubercles. Free local sex cam chat.

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