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Early in the morning I woke Lena.
- Get up, and then sleep late breakfast – she said.
I forgot I slept naked, threw her blanket and jumped and only then came to her senses, that stand before Lena in neglezhe. I blushed and Lena noticed it.
- Okay, come to hesitate, come quickly – she said.

I dressed quickly, leaping in jeans. and pulling the shirt we went to the canteen. She was in our case, in the other wing and we did not have to dress in outerwear like the rest of leisure.
Next was lunch and dinner and between forest walks and continuous chatter.

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What me, and Lena wanted to speak out, and I knew her well, that we can make each other all their urgent problems, and this will be easier on the soul, and then they diverged more and may even not see you. Although who knows how fate will bring. In any case, I wrote to her on paper your mailbox marinakcnhrambler and got it replaced.

- Maybe when cherknesh couple of lines – I said.
- And you will not forget – Lena answered.
As night fell, we closed again in the room and did not stop talking, and talking between the bed and began to spread their bedding.

Approached the end of the second day of my unexpected stay. It was so good and easy. Again, I slipped off her boring day in jeans and a blouse, and turning off the lights, went to the window. Lena was already in bed. Leaning on the windowsill, I began to look at the street lights lit sanatorium territory and slowly falling snowflakes rare.
- I do not hesitate – I asked Lena.

- Not much – she said, and then continued. Free on line sex video chat private.

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