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-Now it’s my turn! – Withania said, leering grin.
She began to lick Shenzi as softly and sensually, as she herself Shenzi. Hyena got cancer and Withania continued to lick her, inserting first one finger, then another, and then the whole entire paw, not forgetting to lick sphincter.

A few instantaneous she shuddering finished and began to lick with Withania her love juices.
A few instantaneous finished both brothers. Kovu swallowed sperm father as much as he could.

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Part of the semen poured on his chest and paws.
-I think now you’re against us will not. At least for now. – Scar said and undid the shackles on the feet of his brother.

Withania silently walked over to Mufasa and started sucking his cock, swallowing it when it does not fit in her mouth. She looked at her brother and he understood without words. He approached her from behind and gently entered her.

She started to moan. Shenzi went to Kovu and began to lick his anus, from what he growled softly. Scar came back, and started to have a rough Shenzi, pulling it toward you, from what is the instantaneous finished. Moisten a member of her juices, he went back to his brother and began to lick his ass, wetting it with her saliva.

-Come on! – Mufasa said in a hoarse voice and his brother started to get into it, from what King felt a burning sensation in the anus.
But soon gave way to burning pleasure.
-I want you! – Mufasa whispered to his niece.
Kovu finished in a few seconds into the bowels of his sister, and she stood on four legs that would Mufasa was more convenient to have it.

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