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Okay, stick to Operations issues will later. But this does not mean that it so simple to me wriggle. And now, we must look for something to do, and that so long to get bored.
Where is my paper? – Greeted me with a question lady.
The detective – I muttered.

What’s she doing there? – Tried to run over me, our new owner.
You see, we happened nerazumenie annoying – I replied. – They killed Howard.
Who is it? – I heard in reply.
Judging from the name – a man – I shrugged.
And judging by your remark – woman – in the same tone she said to me. – Where shall I go? And sailed towards the office of the chief, where I waved to her.

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How she was there – I do not know, but after a while (about half an hour), the Chief of Cabinet and brought in handcuffs (oh, they love handcuffs!) Increased in an unknown direction for me.
It’s him! – Suddenly I heard Phil yell at the other end of the hall. – He would not let him pass!

He spoiled his clothes and stealing cosmetics – and all heads turned to the side … my brother emerged from my office and stood at the railing of the gallery. There followed an exchange of nods head cops and my brother found himself in the same place just been Chief.
This I could not tolerate. I tore into the office, but the policeman at the entrance was like a rock.

I tried to eavesdrop in the smoking room, located through the wall of the office of the chief, but it pushed our dancers. Gay chat at random.

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