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My boyfriend left, and I could only wait for him and insanely bored. Time passed, I bogged down in the everyday life and lessons.

But came the fatal evening for me that changed my life forever, to the house and two jeeps came to our house went four armed men, my dad and apparently the leader, they kindly asked us to sit on the couch and listen carefully, he turned to me
-Your dad owes me a decent amount of money and do not want to return, so now I’m your daddy and I’m taking you and will be back when I get my grandmother
I was shocked, my father began to cry, the mother began to wail and begged for mercy.

Took me by the arm and dragged two Ambala to the car, I screamed and tried to escape, but it was to no avail. As soon as I pushed into a car, one of them pulled out a syringe and injected into me, and I immediately disconnected. Gay chat room live free.

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