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Guys already forty minutes perepiralis the tent and could not agree what actually buy for girls at the party.

Expressed as aforesaid phrase was considered a connoisseur of women, as the most senior and experienced. Friends knew that no one else had such a stormy sexual life and so many crazy parties.
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Tonight the guys had big plans: Ginny (incidentally, the newcomer in the class) with their girlfriends suit modest party for six people, and three of the last six times the Chinese were determined to give up her virginity. So the girls had to make a drunkard – blood from his nose.

So, after much wrangling, the guys still took the vodka, the cheapest and most Palen, which only had a conscience to exhibit on display tents – Kaiser. Finally, they came to the entrance, where faced with the first girlfriend Natasha (the name of the current owner of the ball), who was three years older than everyone and always wore a slyly smiling face.

- Zdorovki, Yulek! – Playfully pulled a senior eyes, Sergey.
- Oh I see someone already thoroughly took on chest – Julia said with a knowing smirk. – And it seems that the party is in full swing for a long time:
- Yeah, we actually just came, like you, – Anton interjected.

- Anton, are you, by the way, I forgot to introduce me to a young man! – Julia eyes shot a young man in the third, Alexei, who excelled in this trinity is impossible infant facial expression.
- Hy-hy, yes we still have time to meet: close: – Alex tried to joke, completely dismissing the first favorable impression of himself. Gay random chat rooms.

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