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Everything seemed in vain. But not for the next lesson. When she brought the same kind as before … but something different. More restrained, focused. Nevertlyavuyu. She played trying, each time looking at him, questioning look at that if she pressed the button. He liked this little change in her.

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He recorded it on his account. Plus sign yourself as a teacher.
He became involved with Eugene. Her success has become, almost his main joy. Desire to encourage its success … Check how much it can change a person white glow …

That’s what he fell asleep and woke up with nothing. At the next lesson, he kept a few minutes glowing hand two inches from the back of the girl, when she learned to play Moonlight Sonata. She left home some quite subdued, and when I returned …
A very different view. And something in this look … It is hard to say … She looked at him.

With this respect, with such confidence. Grateful parents personally thanked him once met by chance near the entrance to the mall. And each lesson concerned the white glow of her back when she played.

And he stopped to admire her change. Truly he saw them only when it was again brought after a week break.
The girl’s mother was clearly puzzled look was read in some trouble. God knows for what reason.
-You have a new hair color, Zhenyok? – He asked, pressing a bad chill chest.

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