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- How far is it going?
- Yes I think that’s sleigh check bought their then broke, and time allows.
- And where are you going to go? – I asked.
- I am out of town every weekend ride. Here one has a sanatorium, rest, walk there.
- And Ivan Stepanovich – I asked.

- Eight years as it is no longer – Anna Ivanovna said sadly.
- And I did not even know – I said after a pause and condolences.
We were silent, and she suggested a walk towards the river. We walked and talked. Who like that happened and what people are busy. She was already retired, but I had nothing to boast of.
Crossing the bridge, we turned right and walked along the shore.

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The bank was steep and we moved on to talking about everything. About my adventures in the factory neither she nor I can not even stuttered, and digging up the past is not wanted. So it was over, that did not want to remember. Coming two hundred meters or maybe more, Anna Ivanovna saw a gentle slope and asked me,
- And this does not suit you?

The descent was dashed off and quite shallow – about a hundred yards, and I liked it. Slightly to one side a few boys rode ten or twelve years, and next to them barking loudly ran two small pooch.
- Well, take a ride with me – I asked Anna Ivanovna.

- No, I’m not at that age, so a roller coaster ride. Come taste it, but I’ll wait. – She said.
I put the sled and trailing them closer to the descent, sat on them, and then I was terrified. I felt the cold wooden slats and completely forgot that I was wearing pants home with huge cutouts in the front and rear.

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