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Suddenly, some strange sound from the computer. Kohl did not even realize, Cho it is. He rarely used the video chat service on this site and therefore the bottom immediately realized what it was.
First video in a window just big red head Chris. He does something with his noutom. Him what that room.

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Middle of the table. Someone is bustling around the table. Finally, Chris was happy with the quality of the transmitted image and in a low voice said in English: “This is for you little pervert. Look and envy” and walked away.
Kohl knew the hour and the room and the girl.

It was his room and his desk devushka.Na crystal wine glasses, champagne fruit, flowers, candles.
He stopped on the roadside. His hands were trembling.

Of computer flowed softly romantic music. Beautiful blonde girl dancing with a very stocky, elderly man. In the twilight clearly hear the rustle of his hands on the girl’s clothing. Her timid protests and subtle sounds of kisses. Finally they stopped dancing. They began to drink champagne.

Kohl had noticed when Ksenia drink, it becomes stupid and even more gradually becomes abolyutno pliable. Apparently overseas opponent noticed that too and all the while pouring her more. He himself almost never drank.

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