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- A kick up a row you go?
- Yes, you’ll get the legs and will fight you.
- I like how you are able to invent all sorts of crap.

So we forgot about this comic group, only one hundred fourteen days.
I’ve already got a job at an insurance company and has penetrated into the process. Chief promised me a great future, as from the beginning I established himself as quite sensible mathematician.

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I remember when it happened was the resurrection. I brought out a vibrating sleep on the floor next to the bed, the mobile phone. This is called Masha. When I saw that she was calling me at eight o’clock, I was ready to kill her.

- If crap again, then pray!
And then I heard a loud and sonorous voice Mash?in:
- We have work-ah!
- What other job?
- There are customers! Guy ready to work!
- What is man? In the priest Whack! Let me sleep!
- You are a fool? I have already made advance hundred thousand.

These word repulsed me want to sleep.
- What is an advance? For what?
- I wrote some guy said that the owner of a chain of cafes and he needs our services.

He owns the franchise thirty-two institutions and that he needed not lighted and no famous people for the job.
- And what are the conditions?
- No paper obligations, full confidentiality. There is the easy part and heavy: a light meant just visiting cafes and simple observation, and under severe conflicts of varying severity.

We must create the guise of visitors a variety of complex conflict situations with the staff and all fixed. But! If the puncture, we will only advance.

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