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- Hold on, I’ll get the pot.
Strange feeling fettered Sasha between the legs, as if he was bitten by a large dog.
- Maybe I could walk – he thought.

- You perevozbudilsya from strong emotions, be alarmed, it is men – heard his mother’s voice, as from an empty well.
- Unlikely to be able to see your son, go and everything else, but you do not lose hope. All may be, the body of a young, growing, – muttered in his ears sleepy doctor, and the smell of cigarette smoke.
- Mom you started smoking?
- No, son.

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It neighbors on the street harness grass – she said, driving cigarette smoke in the kitchen with his hands.
She turned her loving son on one side and taking his red-hot cock squeezed into a fist. Not to spray the linens themselves and do not miss the pot, she opened the head of the penis to the end, moving the skin. Son over the bed smelled male hormones.

She said, trying not to move and rustle, slipped his left hand between his thighs and serried bit her lower lip. Cute smell hormone into her female consciousness and galvanized the intimate thoughts.
- You can write, – said my mother, blushing with embarrassment.

Looking at her son, she noticed that he rolled his eyes and reluctantly began to write.
- He rolled his eyes wondering what pisses finally, because it is very much like writing or …? – Probably second, I thought to myself mother, little rollback foreskin of the penis back.
Part 4.
Toothed palisade babskih gossip surrounded the house Sasha and his mother.

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