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- Yes realized just do not hurt me, – said Alina dear voice.
- Fucked you in the ass at least once – the third asked Apu.

- Long institute a couple of times – said Alina embarrassed.
- And who fucked in the ass.
- The teacher for evaluation.

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- Well, how much.
- I do not know, it was painful.
- Well, the substitution ass, today we will go there to fuck you.

Ravshan help girls – Apu said sitting on the bench.
Ravshan Aline went to put her cancer, took down the gel shed on the ass Alina, stuck a finger into the anus and began to rotate it there, from what Alina began to moan and breathe heavily. Ravshan took the hose in hand and sent him to the anus Alina, she jerked her head back, her hands clutched the handle of the shower and began to scream.

Ravshan pulled the hose out of the priests, Alina finger began to squeeze anal ring, rose to her feet, her belly as if inflated, she ran to the pool and sat there on his haunches. Ass burst river water with the contents of the intestine. Meanwhile, Givi, took the corner mop one end smeared soap and followed Alina, placed the end of the stick between the buttocks and began to move.

Alina turned around and scared – you want it to fuck me in the ass.
- Yes slut.
- Do not, please, I will also be hurt.
- And you relax and everything will be fine.

Come on get up cancer.
Alina got cancer, and slowly began to immerse Givi stick in the ass.
Alina with each thrust shouting mama, Apu approached from the front, and offered his dick face Alina, and tilted her head to her appendage, the wife opened her mouth and a member out of sight.

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