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Online sexvideo chat. Very foolish, because in the kitchen at the time was full of people, just soundproof windows and blackout as not to interfere residents of neighboring houses. For burglary bars on their window and caught Surf.

Think it worked in this club? Nothing of the sort! He worked in a pizzeria in front and near the club rented a room in a building.

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How did they manage to convince him that he did not take them to the police station – remains a mystery.
And here, in front of me and sat on the couch Surf two guys with the same frightened eyes and equally open mouths. And I’m drinking coffee. As it turned out, they really slept on hay, but the morning went for a walk into town.

Pocket money quickly ran out, they already wanted to steal something from the shelves of street vendors, but they fed some kind grandmother, traded their pies. At least they told me so.
-So cute, gather. Go to the station.
The brothers immediately stretched face.
-Need to write a report about your return.
Only me there not rattling – asked Surf.

Come to visit us. I’ll bake a cake for you – I cordially invited him.
And you know how to bake? – Asked suspiciously Surf.
Teach – I shook my head. – Viewing video lesson online on the Internet and learn.
After a pause, she added: I do not know what to do with them.

No father. Brother – not the authority. Tortured mother go to college to pay for their broken pots with flowers and covered with writing tables and chairs.

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