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For a while we toured the alleys, courtyards, until stopped at a dead end behind one of the houses, there were trees, a bit dark and there were no people.
Prostitute in red asked me:
- And you do not have water with you?
- No, why?

- Well, here an hour ago, I was one of Azer fucked without a condom, a goat. Naspuskal full pussy to me, and there was nowhere to be washed away.
- Come on. Here he is with his tongue and you podmoet, – said the first girl, and other neigh.

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- Well, time to start, time goes on.
The first seat pushed as far back and lowered it to an almost horizontal position. The other two moved to the back of the driver’s seat. The first took off her panties, spread her legs and told me:
- Come on, come over here, get on your knees.
I moved to the mat in front of her, got on his knees.

She handed me a leg:
- Take off your shoes.
I obeyed. Put them in the driver’s seat.
- Legs kiss.

Here, boy, fingers on his feet obsosy, spend tongue around each finger.
I did everything that she was saying. Off her feet smelled rotted, because it has already held a half-day on your feet. Completely sucked and licked her feet, I began to slowly move higher. Kisses covered her ankles, calves, knees, and elaborated on the inside of the thighs.

There is very delicate skin, and I know that women like when there kiss. I kissed and kissed there in five inches from her pussy. Squeak she had shaved, small and seemingly cohered.

- So long were you there to fuck the brains you? Let’s start licking! – She said firmly. Porne chat.

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