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Then went orgasms one after the other, punching through, causing painful – a pleasant languor around the spine! I frantically filed pelvis toward the penis, taking care that it went as far as possible, and cum, cum, cum … Ass nice ached, my head was ringing. Ringing?

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Called-torn phone on the table! I reached up and hoarse breathing tube, said:
- Laboratory -
- What are you doing? – I heard a frightened voice Natasha.
- Nothing, slept – I croaked.
- Aah – incredulously she drawled – And you that erotic dream dreamed? And then breathe, if you fuck it!

The operation ended, come take tests -
- I’m coming – coming to himself, I said. Andrew gently took a member, I straightened up, tore off a piece of bandage and wiped her ass, wearing a bra and panties, put on her white robe, looked in the mirror and went to the surgical ward. When I got there, Natasha carefully examined me.

I, with independent views, knowing that all red, walked past her, took blood from the patient and went back to the lab. While I was doing the analysis, Andrew wiped his penis from Vaseline and frowned irritably.
I gave the test results caused by orderlies, put to use in the washing tube, closed the lab door, took her son by the hand and we went outside.

It was a dark night seaside summer. No wiggling air. Bright southern stars in the black sky flickered silently. From the laboratory to our porch exactly – kilometer.

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