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When evening came and the daily routine we had to be in their buildings, so as not to interfere with the leisure and be quiet, and did not want to sleep so we Lena sat on the bed in his room and talked about his life, work and other not unimportant things.

- Can lie down in bed, and then continue to chat – Lena offered.
- Come on, I have something a bit tired today – I agreed. And then I covered some fear. How do I get undressed at Lena. I did not take anything from underwear and even a shirt. Came to the buff, although I was wearing trousers and a blouse and two sets of interchangeable and lay still in the bag.

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Had nothing to do and I writhed innocent mine looked at Lena and asked.
- I’m not going to embarrass, and I like all the lower house and forgot shirt.
- Yes sleep as you like, it does not matter – she said.
I began to slowly undress and occasionally glancing at Lena.
- If you hesitate, then I turn my back – she asked.

- No, I’m just afraid that I can see out the window. – I replied.
- Well, turn off the lights and everything – she advised.
I turned off the light and removing her blouse, jeans and then remained in his socks and completely naked.

Lena casting a look at me, said,
- And you have a good figure, you could walk, not that I have.
- You too good – I said to compliment compliment.
We exchanged a few more against each other, and then I lay down under a blanket.

We chatted for a long time, and I did not even notice how she fell asleep. Random chat nl.

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