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Study 1. Spring.
Everything happens on April 10. On this sunny day we meet at the terminus of the bus and set off on a dirt road in the woods.

In the open already bared the old grass, and in the forest there is snow. However, solar glades snow also descended.
We turned on the old ski track. Here snow still holds. Delve into the thicket. Cross country ski run is cut short when the sun comes out, then reappears on the shady parts of the forest. Though present and holds, we still scored sneakers full of snow.

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Socks were soaked, and water lightly squelching sneakers.
That’s, like, a suitable place. Here from the main ski moves towards a barely perceptible trace now. Turn off. Nast holds even worse, and we fall almost to the waist. Lots of snow piled up this year. A hundred meters we finally find what we’re looking.

It’s a small clearing, the southern part of which is already cleared of snow. And from the far edge of the clearing-rayed another open space. We climb to it directly on the snow. Good is not far away.
Here’s what we need! Cozy thawed patch on all sides surrounded by overhanging bushes before the end is clear of snow. Everything came.

And time is exactly 13-00, as agreed.
Despite the still low temperature here in the sun and no wind – just heat. It’s time to overcome the wet socks and sneakers substitute under the rays of the sun hovering.

Steam coming from the feet and the smell of wet shoes reaches us.
Lay the jacket, we valimsya them, substituting the sun still nezagorelye face. Random sex chat video mno.

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