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The girl lay on the table and completely surrendered to his caresses, she just gently and softly moaning bending the back as his beautiful cat.
She could not hold back emotions of pleasure.

He kissed her hips gently, each leg up to the fingers, caressing softer and gentler.
When she was at the limit of Uzes, he slowly began to enter into it, that would not hurt her, and slow movement began to move.
Girl moaning from pleasure caved louder and louder.

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Flew off the table items, documents, pens and pencils … and all that was on it …
Anton stayed pulled their dignity and kissed her again delicate rose petal, expanding the girl to her back began to gently enter into it.
Then moving slowly then quickly squeezed her breasts with her hands. Only girl moaning with pleasure.

And at the same time they experienced unrestrained delight. And she and he was very good. Girl just breathe and often ran through her body trembling.
-I love you, I miss you, I can not live without you, I wanna be with you …..
-I missed you too, I was waiting for you every day, but I thought it was all like a dream, and we’ll never meet again.

Maybe it’s a dream and I sleep and wake up and you will not.
-no it’s not a dream, it’s real, I’m with you, and I will not leave.
-you know I want to be with you in November did not want to love you, I’m sorry I have to go.

-Wait, where are you, I can not lose you again!!
The door closed quietly, and she vanished like morning mist …..
He grabbed his jacket and ran track in her ….
To be continued!

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