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- I, too, sometimes at home when the kids with my grandmother, and her husband at work, then go naked through the apartment. Sometimes want the skin to rest from gums that pull together and so annoying.

Then she paused and suddenly asks me.
- And I see you have even a trace of gum, no, you did not wear that briefs?
I realized that I need to tell all to the end and admitted that she did not wear underwear and like to go to a minimum of clothing.
- As a minimum – Lena surprised.
- But – and I went to the closet and opened it, took his coat and put them on her naked body.

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- That’s how I always try to go – I explained.
- But you can see – she wondered.
- Girlfriends know and do not condemn.

Parents, too, while the rest, I just do not undress – I said, and further told her all his secrets. On walks naked and then sold so that shared her dream – to take a walk naked to visit his girlfriend, who lives a hundred miles away from me and the desire to walk naked during a snowfall. Lena lay and listened open-mouthed. It was a shock for her.

She was afraid to even think about it, let alone to walk naked in the forest and one – it did not fit in her head. Lena admitted that at all afraid of walking in the forest. We even chatted for a while and did not notice how asleep. Just who is the first and who is second – who knows.
In the morning again began our ordinary day.

Lena was still surprised by what I told her and improving the moment, offered me to walk, so we accidentally nobody heard. She was a lot of questions and she could not wait to ask them. Sex chat sites.

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