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Arriving home, my mind has matured a crazy plan, I decided tomorrow morning her watch at 6, run to him in time to see him before leaving. I really did not know what time it train or plane, but for some reason I thought that I have time to find him at home. So I did, she woke up at half five in the morning, and after breakfast, without even washing ran to him.

I never thought that I would say his parents. When they see me at this hour, and generally bad I pondered what I was doing, I just wanted to see him again. Here I stand at the door and ring the bell. The door opened and I saw his father, his uncle Sergei. I first timid but then said firmly
- Hello Uncle Sergei, but you can call Pasha?
- Pasha?

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Surprised said Uncle Sergei
- And he’s gone, she and her mother left to rest yesterday.
- Okay, thank you, then I’m sorry, I’ll go.
- No Light, wait a minute, come to the apartment please, I want to talk to you.

Well, I certainly do not understand what Dad Pashin wants to talk to me, but since I’m not used to argue with adults, then obediently went to the apartment. He invited me into his office, invited to sit on the couch next to his desk and said that now one minute, it will come, leave me alone in the office.

I started looking with curiosity as to how much of this I never visited the house Pasha, was never even in the office uncle Sergei. The office was a large desk with a bunch of folders and what that any papers, small low couch where I was sitting, but the most important thing in the corner of the present gynecological chair. Sex chat without cam.

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