- I like that is not in itself
beginning sister
- Well, what else
I resented
- A feeling that we were watching someone
Dolores continued to panic
Do not talk nonsense
I said angrily
- Indeed, it was necessary to listen to his sister, then would we, here and there would not be.

In general, the man began to chase us, then drove us to a standstill, began to molest even managed bastard break on me shirt. While he was engaged to me, my sister took what that stone and with fear and self-man hit on the head, he fell down dead on the cold asphalt.


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As it turned out, it hit him right in the temple, and of course, immediately hung up on her accusation, and that would at least like to protect my sister, I said that we are together it dolbanuli, in general, we divide the period by sex, gave me 5 years and s, and 5 years. Here’s a story here
- Clearly, all of you, sad story.

And why is your sister, all is silent
- Well, just after that incident, she almost never talks
- So, it’s time to talk to her, it’s time, otherwise it here stammers
- I do not offend anyone not let my sister personally tear your head off, anyone who touches it.
all seriousness, said Adela, and squeezed his hand into a fist.

And here I thought I could not do it with both of them, especially with this girl fighter, it is necessary to think of something
- Girls wait for me here, I’ll be right back
And I went to our secret room where it was all the weapons, of course it was necessary, first open one lock. Cope with this, I went inside, and ran his eyes, I found something interesting, Taser, what you need, and hanging on the belt, and closed the door, went back to the girls Sexfree-chat.


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