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Anything else? She added brazenly looking me in the eye.
I can not … I’m sorry, but …
Before I could say something intelligible, as she kicked off her feet with his flip-flops
Spanking me wash! And the legs are quite foggy …
I hesitated a bit and did not know what to do
Boy, I tell you, it seems, told me to wash spanking …

I silently took her spanking, the smell of her little feet, and went to the bathroom, turned on the water jet and began running water and rub the inside of a slap. I wanted to cry, because she put me on my knees, bent and just raped me, and me not have the strength to say anything to her. When you want to cry, it is always at the beginning of tickling in the nose.

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I can barely hold back the tears, wiping water from his eyes. When I washed it thoroughly both slap and walked out of the bathroom, it is in the other bathroom has already prepared a jacuzzi.

Good for you! Keys, by the way, let me
Once again, I fell into a stupor, not knowing what to do
Boy, I think I told you to give me the keys .. I’ll wait a long time? she said, holding out one hand in my direction, and the other touching checking the temperature of water in the jacuzzi. I obeyed her, he took a key from his pocket, and he gave her.

When I gave her the keys, the other hand, she gave me a bye-bye! . I realized that I have to do as she wants, but I knew that I could not leave my apartment trusted.
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