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Even seemed that no ditch and was not only in the middle of the ground track suddenly climbed male genitalia.
- Looks cool – Lena commented.
- Yes, unusual – I agreed.

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My own head and hands under her upturned top were under the currant bushes and almost could not see them, if you do not look closely.
- Well, let’s start – said Dima.
- Go, and then some here will take time off – quipped Lena and removing overshoes, walked along the path stepping on my genitals bare foot, as agreed.
Dimka tried to follow her.

Then they came back and went into the yard. They were already back with a bucket and spade and were carrying galoshes. Stomped on my genitals, he turned off the track and began to dig.

Lena picked and laying in a bucket of potatoes and Dimka wrenching digging nests in empty space. Gather up two buckets, they took them and went down the path past me and stepping on my cock and balls, potatoes dumped under the roof and came back again stepping on my genitals. They have put on the spot again and began to fill the bucket.

I lay there and watched as my cock and balls are flattened under their feet and then slowly recovered. My cock was excited and sometimes becomes hard as a stick, and even raised himself above the ground and under pressure or legs Lena Dimka pressed from, or more precisely pressed into the ground pour on the board. Video chat rooms naked no sign up.

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