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Video chat with hrony strangers. But all of a sudden she went to the barber and cut them. Made the cut in half until the middle ear and neck. Long hair she walked more, but her haircut I was very excited. There was something very sexy and exciting. However, I asked her to re-grow hair. She does have grown to its former length, but in the summer on the beach said that the fall is going to be cut.

But then she hesitated, became the delay, and all my attempts to somehow knock out her hairstyle had no success.
Aunt Alfiya we stayed for three days and then came from Kazan Ravil her nephew. echerom we were going to go to the sauna. Aunt Alfiya in the courtyard had a bath with pool on the street, Clamps, so it was not boring, Ravil took with him.

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Anya, Katya and Ravil went to bathe, and I decided to finish work on the laptop and prisovedinitsya later.
When I pulled in about 15 minutes in the bath, he found it easy erotic scene. Ravil, Anna and Katia sat naked, and Ravil both girls hugged boobs.
We were a little pairwise, and then went to the pool with Ravil. The water was icy, but we boldly plunged and even a little polavali.

The girls sat in the waiting room, and we ran into a steam room.
- How do you like my girls? – I asked Ravil.
- Nothing cute, especially your wife.
- You’d fuck them?
Ravil surprised, but said:
- If you and they do not mind, with pleasure.
- I’m all for it. Two overpower?
- Able to manage, with only a break for 20 minutes – Ravil replied confidently.
- Then go tell them.

Yes, I dare to say it. One easily and immediately. Video chat with hrony strangers.

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