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-”Now it’s your turn,” – she said, turning back.
-”What?” – I asked awkwardly.
At this point, Alina has bent down and put her stomach on the bathroom so that my eyes appeared her pussy with booty. They were both fine.

-”Lick my pussy …” – reproachful intonation she said.
I awkwardly sat down and began to present language to her vagina. Reaching a goal, I made the first move language. I do not know from what exactly, but Alininy hips twitched a bit and in the bathroom echoed her sweet “and”.

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Here, some wave of lust covered me with his head. My tongue moved with crazy speed! I did not realize what was happening, but this delightful taste turns me on more! Some incomprehensible and very tasty liquid flowed directly from pussy Alina.

The bathroom was echoed her sweet moans.
-”Let’s paste it”
I got up from my knees and making sure that my dick standing again with renewed vigor brought it to the vagina Alina.

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Alina started screaming. And I did not understand anything, I just was not very nice and would not want to stop it. Through groans Alina asked me to warn her when I finish. First I fucked her gently and slowly, but then the pace began to increase.

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