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- And I want popisit can – Simon said modestly.
- Possible – said Christina Simon is fully seated in the bath and dense approached Christine and looked between her legs. Christina widely spread her legs and began to squirt into the bowl.
- Seen as women do.
- No.
- Well that took out his friend and do their business.

Simon quickly pulled his pants with shorts, and sent his friend and teacher between Pisz edge bowl, let the first jet direction corrected urine, Christina took her hand for a member of Seeds and started sending his urine on her pussy and pubis, rising above his chest. Here stream dried up.

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Simon stood and could not believe his eyes, he sucked a grown woman, and she was pleased to sit shakes off its end last drops of urine on my nipple and smiled. Christina got off the toilet and went into the bath.
- And I can see how you wash – said Simon.
- Possible – said Cristina washcloth and began to lather your body.
- And can I have Potro – said Simon.

Christina turned to face him, and filed a sponge in hand. Simon took a sponge, and began to drive her teacher’s body, soaping her breasts stomach, especially between the legs and ass while she moaned with pleasure. Christina turned her back to Simeon and put her foot on the edge of the tub, so it was convenient to wash between your legs.

Simon realized teacher and became a washcloth led the vagina, touching the clitoris. Christina soon finished, she took a shower and began to wash the foam with its slits.
- Thanks Simon I was fine. And you liked it – Christine asked Semyon.

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