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Anonymous video sex chat. Once I crossed the threshold, the phone rang, I picked up the phone and heard the joyful voice of my husband, “Honey, I’m looking for you in the morning, calling you from 9:00, the phone in your workplace is not answered, then chief secretary said that you already left.

I want you happy, I found a job in an international transportation company, and most importantly where my salary would be half as much, so that you can no longer work. ” I replied that I am very happy, hung up and walked slowly to the shower.
On Thursday evening, I called Misha.

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His voice was very excited, and the first time I did not understand and asked him to repeat it, but slowly and with an explanation.
- Yesterday I saw Vanya, well remember my ex boyfriend – he explained.
- He was alone or with someone. You talk to him – and I asked warily.
- They were together with Sergei.

They work at a construction site in the neighboring village. I have not talked with them. Seen from afar – Misha replied haltingly.

I knew him and memories from school years overshadowed his mind from overstimulation.
- And what do you want from me – I asked.
- Simple.

Today I want to visit them to come back, can remember our childhood, and laugh. – Misha replied.
Misha knew nothing about Vanya, neither of earrings and I’m very anxious. I immediately called him back and asked me to wait, that without me, he did not go to them. Immediately rushed to take time off work, and asked me if Irinka cover that. Mike met me at the bus stop.

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