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-Davyte undressed, Sergei-offered and became pulling off his clothes, we also did not lag behind and a minute later we were lying completely naked on both sides of Sergei.

-Let’s show your brother how we’re playing, approached me-Sergey-teach him everything you can, he pulled-pelt with head and nodded to me, Come on, suck. -
Begged me not long had, I took dick Pitching in his mouth and began courting his lips and looked at me yazykom.Vovka all eyes, I saw that he pulls his risen huek.
-Want to try, I suggested, Vovk nodded and crawled poblizhe.I here with my brother changing, suck dick Sergei rampant, and at this time he both hands podrachivaet our pisyuny and stroking our ass.

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-All right, as long as enough, we dismissed Sergei, now, is the most interesting, now I tell you, Vova, will tselochku lomat.-Vovk looked at me blankly.
-Fear not, I reassured-brother-you like. -
Segrgey put a pillow in the middle of the bed and laid her on her Vovk, I saw that his brother just shaking with excitement, drug Sergei already acted.

Vovk lay before spreading her legs and Sergei we could see the back of his hole.
-Bring cream, Sergei asked me, he began to gently lubricate vovkinu hole, his finger increasingly immersed in nee.Vot half finger has already gone in the ass, and now and the entire finger plunged into it.
Vova started to moan softly with each dive.

-Now we check how sensitive his dearest-Sergey stuck a finger over the entire length and they became soverschat rotational movement.
-Here it is felt, we now its podrochim.-Sergei began to move frequently often thinly rukoy.Vovka howled. Cam sex chat no registration.

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