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Camskip live video chat. Was full of holes, and along the fence around the site was well-trodden path.
Here on this path, we went one after the other in the direction of the road.

Go and get lost in the woods at night that is not wanted. Now, if in the summer, I would gladly have risked. Circumambulating, we went to the entrance gates. In the hut was dark and we went on the road smoothly and with just a few steps, turned around.

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Behind the veil of snow was solid and not even seen the lodge, which was only ten meters.
- Well, back – Lena asked.
- Let’s take a walk down the road – I said.
We removed farther and farther away from the resort. I was naked and waving her hands with joy and spun like a top. It was an unexplainable feeling.

Lena was wrapped in a collar and was surprised treated me and how I behave. All this surprised her and not just surprised and shocked. During the entire walk mostly I chatted. Lena only listened and walked beside him, sometimes asking questions and with interest, waiting for an answer from me.
Suddenly we heard a noise in front of the machine and alert.

Weak headlights approaching and we momentarily lost. Luckily for us, the car has passed by and we certainly have not noticed. We stood a few meters from the road, and next was a stop where the bus got out just a few days ago. Lena looked at me and I saw in her eyes frightened.

- What’s wrong – I asked.
- We are so far gone, and probably soon dawn – she replied.
- Do you remember what time it was when you woke me up?

- No – replied the county. Camskip live video chat.

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