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Chat sex no registation. Take my eyes off her breasts, I looked at the person who expressed mild surprise, my interest about her body. She smiled and froze.

I just leaned over, put her hand to her head and pulled to her. She was about to say something, but I sealed her mouth with a kiss. For a moment looking up again clung to her lips … Oh, those lips …

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Our kiss I can compare with slow eating marshmallows. Soft, gentle, sweet … I moved closer. My hand slid over her shoulder, back, and in a moment undid the clasp bodice. Fingers hastily thrown off the straps from her shoulders and chest was completely naked.

Rising excitation my nipples were swollen and protruding through the shirt and pants were soaked.
- Come into the shower. – Whispered Alya.
- Together? – I asked her in surprise, not expecting such a reaction.
Alia nodded.

I quickly got up, took her hand and almost ran into the bathroom took. We quickly undressed, climbed into the shower without ceasing for a second kiss and fondle each other. During this time I felt her all her from head to waist.

Put her hands on her skinny ass, held her thighs, then stumbled and pubis … though not very thick, but obscenely long vegetation. Without saying a word, I sat on the edge of the tub Teflon, took from the shelf gel and shaving machine, divorced her lap, and she sat down between her legs. She leaned on the edge of the tub and gave hands pelvis forward a bit, so I was comfortable.

I liberally coated gel crotch, lather it, sometimes playing with a finger to her clitoris. Chat sex no registation.

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