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- Fedor Aleksievich, and if anyone out, let’s go to the apartment – worried voice asked Christina.
- Did you not to have this situation – said fizruk and shoved his hand into the bosom.
- Yes, but I’ve lived here all of a sudden tell her husband.
- Well, there are two ways, one is now we’ll fuck here, and the second you climb naked on your floor.

What to choose?
- Second – and she took off the cloak, took keys from his pocket and began to climb to the third floor, we lived on the third floor. Christina quickly opened the door and walked into the apartment, for it includes Fedor Aleksievich and Grigory Dmitrievich. She hung in the hallway cloak, put the bag on the shelf, took naked boots and walked into the kitchen and put the kettle on.

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Men already undressed and went into the kitchen and got vodka and started drinking it. She went to the bath had a shower wearing a short pink feather robe and came into the kitchen. They drank more vodka and then fucked Christina in a circle, in the mouth, pussy and ass. Then they went into the hall where they watched TV while Christina fucked in turn.

By night they went to the bedroom and fell asleep there, continuing to fuck like rabbits. Christina first woke up this morning between naked men, mouth was their hairline, she went into the shower put the kettle on and returned to the bedroom and sat down between them picked up their members and began to masturbate and take them into his mouth one by one.

Men woke up and began to caress her breasts while she sucked cocks, they finished in the mouth and went to wash, then drank tea and began to dress. Cyber cam sex chats online gratis.

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