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I was already beginning to annoy … I think all – all is lost, nothing will happen, nothing I’ve been a comedy Lama. and suddenly he abruptly moves up to me, hugging and kissing starts. pulls a bathrobe.

and says, “to avoid confusing situations – I will not ask any questions”))) he carefully lays down me. itself on. long kiss me. then whispered: “Now would be a little hurt.”
I felt the warmth of the abdomen. then a sharp pain. I screamed. he would not leave me. continued to slowly fuck her. I was hurt.

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I started to push him. but it is more leaned on me and continued to fuck already intensifying.
“Enough” – I moaned.
he kissed me and whispered, “” patience dear. all will be well. ”
I do not know how it went …

Then he finally pulled it out of me …
I turned away. he hugged me and kissed. said that’s okay, the first time is always painful, and that “everything will be fine.”
We talked about nothing all night. then he was gone.
We greeted each other at the university as always. and all … I do not know what I expected … but warmer relationship rather than “hello”. and all …

I got broken. also trail. day did not go to school.
about 7 pm the phone rang. I opened the door. He stood on the doorstep with a huge bouquet of white roses, cake and fruit package ..
“I was told that you were ill. I was worried.”

I stood like a pillar. he closed the door – hugged and kissed me. said that I needed bed rest. and we performed it together))))
After sex, I asked him why in the university you did not notice, and all as before. Cyber sex chat online free.

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