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- Hour to pack, an hour on the road. – I figured.
Lena dictated me the address.

And she said that’s waiting for me at home two hours later. I’m not hesitating not minutes, ran into the shower, turned the marafet, dressed, while constantly scrolling options in mind as will our acquaintance.

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Running to the bus stop, in a single bound bus, 40 minutes road and fantasies on the theme: “Meeting with Lena.” I went to the specified stop, found her house locked … dialed her number … She said come down and open, because intercom does not work.
Opened the porch door and flew girl in a light jacket, checkered skirt just below the knee and high-heeled boots.

Light makeup makes her face look bright and fresh. She smiled and asked:
- You Xaver?
- Yes, it’s me.
- Well, then let’s go. – She said, nodding toward the door.
I smiled and walked into the entrance.

We went up the elevator to the floor, entered a small but cozy apartment, which was renovated recently was talking about a small bag of debris, standing in the corner. She politely took my jacket and hung on a hanger.
- Thank You for Smoking? – I asked, pulling out a pack of cigarettes and handbags.

- So lovely guests, I think you can. – Lena answered with a smile, offering to go to the kitchen.
She opened the window. Warm April breeze blew from the street.

- Tea? – She said, and put an ashtray in front of me.
- Yes, please. – I said, and lit a cigarette, took place on the corner of a glass table.
We drank tea and chatted about various nonsense, sometimes shy glance viewing each other.

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