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Went into the shower together swim. As we sat drinking tea, he asked me:
- Are you in the ass tried?
- No, not going to give his ass, albeit still a virgin ass.
He smiled and said nothing. We came together with a sauna.

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He sat on his car and left. Before leaving, he asked me if I wanted to still suck at it. I told him that it will not give up. He took my card and added it to the $ 200 and gave it to me saying:
- If you still want to call me at any time and the money is for your tremendous work. – Having said these words to me he left. In an instant I felt hired by a whore.

But it makes me was just nice.
She lived in the next room. And her name was Sophie.

We shared a thin plank walls, leaves no lodgers no right to what is called personal life.
To her guests often dropped. Sometimes they were men, and sometimes women, sometimes the guests were several.

But, in any case, in the evenings, when she was not home alone, for my wall music played and heard voices. By nightfall voice and music moved into restrained moans were becoming louder and scrawled eventually erupted mad passion celebration anthem. Guests disappeared in the morning (I heard Sophie locked the door behind them).

After these evenings me lonely young man, was not long sleep. Need I explain why?
Everything in the house, from the last tenant until the mistress – Anne Teresa, quarrelsome old ladies – know or at least guess about what is happening in the evenings in the room Sophie.

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