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-Well here’s your cute cat, his name?
Nastya smiled, it Barsik is my faithful friend and companion, she said smiling. She was no longer so cold, his eyes and smile warmed her.

The girl began to realize that falling in love, but did not want to admit it. She did not know. But she was with him nice and cozy
.. And then he married and had children?

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It’s not right, I should not rely on what is … ۻ ۍ
-you tea or coffee?
-tea, and you’re always so shy and modest?
Girl embarrassed.
-Do not be afraid, I will not hurt you.
-and what do you do? The girl asked.
-I? I work in a firm, as assistant.
Nastya smiled, and put the tea on the table, pulled candy.

Probably not his car, and works as a driver, and too easy for the director, probably out of luck .. She always dreamed of a man with money, it was too hard, she worked and studied. And all the money went in there, and a safe place.
They drank tea and talked, and did not notice as it was the middle of the night.

-Wow, that’s what I had stayed, I also have to go home, and I do not live close.
Nastya was confused, she did not know what to say, she was so anxious that he’d stayed, so it was nice and cozy with him, but she was afraid to offer to stay, suddenly it is not so understand it, and she wanted to see him again.
-can stay? so late, and by strong rain on the street.

Man little surprised, but smiled at her. She liked him so that he does not want to leave:
-Well if I’m not disturbing you, I’ll stay.
Girls were not comfortable, because she did not know this man, but the bad she did not want to think she was very good with him and it is comforting.

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